Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my plate of leaf samples after I’ve sent them off?

Once plates are received, we freeze dry them for at least 36 hours. Once removed from the freeze drier, grinding beads are added, the plates are sealed and extracted. DNA pellets are dried overnight and rehydrated (if required) the next day. DNA is ready for testing the following day. So whether you send 1 96-well plate, or 100, it would normally take around a working week to return screening results (however, this process can be faster if required).

How long does it take for you to extract a plate of DNA?

Our current protocol and levels of automation allow us to extract 12 96-well plates of DNA in around 3 hours.

What are the concentration of DNA that have been extracted from your protocol

DNA yield varies according to a number of factors, including type, quantity and quality of leaf material. Starting with approximately 20-30mg (wet weight) of leaf material, we typically observe yields between 300ng to 1500ng total DNA.

Will this protocol work for my project/sample?

We are happy to trial material for new clients. Contact us and we can arrange to send you a trial collection plate and instructions at minimal cost.

Why would I use your services? What are the benefits to using your services?

We specialise in processing high-throughput, high-volume projects on a tight timeline. Typically, we extract and screen DNA from 120 96-well plates of leaf material and return data within 10 working days (this timeframe includes the freeze drying of sample plates, DNA extraction, DNA rehydration, DNA testing and results analysis/tabulation). If operating under time constraints, we can process 10,000+ samples per week.

How do I send samples to you?

Please download the instructions here.