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High Throughput DNA Extraction:


High Throughput DNA ExtractionAs genotyping technology continues to evolve, the extraction and purification of genomic DNA remains a significant bottleneck – with ever increasing stringency around yield and purity.

Our systems and processes have evolved accordingly. Our current automated protocol is based on:
-    96-well format - either frozen or lyophilised material (approx. 30mg wet weight)
-    Custom-built automated tissue grinder to minimise intra-plate variation
-    CTAB/chloroform chemistry – good recovery with low contaminant co-purification
-    96-channel liquid handling for improved uniformity
-    Standard turnaround of up to 10,000 samples/week
-    Subscription or casual pricing plans available


Logistics/Implementation of MAS:


Logistics/Implementation of MASUnder certain conditions, Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) can prove an incredibly cost-efficient tool in new variety development.

Our staff have been working on large-scale MAS projects for over 10 years, and can assist with:
-    Project planning
-    Marker design and validation
-    Sample tracking, collection, extraction, screening
-    Data analysis



Laboratory Automation Support and Development:

Laboratory Automation Support and DevelopmentAutomation Support:

Our core capabilities lie in the customisation and use of automated liquid handling robots. Retention of key personnel responsible for in-house automated equipment can be difficult – often resulting in expensive, useful equipment being under-utilised.

We offer consultancy services to maintain, programme and, if necessary, operate liquid handlers and other automated equipment to retain the benefits they impart, and maximise your return on investment. Our support staff have molecular biology backgrounds – enabling fast and efficient conversion of manual protocols.

Automation Development:
Slipstream Automation operates in a dynamic industry – and as such, we are able to adapt very quickly to new technology and techniques as they arise. We have converted many manual protocols to semi or fully automated equivalents, utilising both off-the-shelf and custom-built hardware.

If you have any development requirements, please contact us to discuss further.