Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) Services

The use of genotyping techniques for selection purposes can be an incredibly cost-efficient tool. Our staff have been involved with large screening programmes for more than 10 years, and are well practised in overcoming the logistical and technical difficulties often encountered at such scales.

We can offer a complete set of services around MAS either individually, or as a package:

Project Planning

-    Assistance with sample layout,
-    Sample tracking and redundancy,
-    Logistics of scheduling and growth timeframes.

Sample Collection

-    Sample tracking and redundancy,
-    Uniformity of collected samples (critical for downstream processes),
-    Assurance of sample integrity,
-    Freeze-drying and storage until extraction.

DNA Extraction

-    Fast turnaround time to fit project timelines (10,000+ samples/week if required),
-    CTAB/chloroform method for high purity, high yield DNA,
-    Automated 96-channel procedures maximises consistency and reliability.

Marker Screening

-    Wide range of PCR-based marker screening capabilities, including HRM, TaqMan, SSRs.
-    Assistance with marker design if required.
-    384-well PCR to minimise consumable cost and increase throughput.

Data Analysis

-    Interpretation and tabulation of data into original sample-associated excel files.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, or view our pricing plans here.